Brewers of Calontir:

 Please excuse cross-posting this announcement to multiple sources.  This is a “heads up” for anyone wishing to enter this year’s competition. It’s never too early to prepare!!

 Each year at Lilies War a brewer is chosen to be the Calontir Royal Brewer for the following year. Past winners are welcome to enter again. This is an advanced competition; however, it is also intended to be entered by those of you who may not consider yourself advanced brewers. Let the judges decide, perhaps you are more advanced than you think! Judging will be based on the advanced criteria used for Kingdom A&S.

Rules for the competition:

 1. A minimum of two and a maximum of three products must be submitted. At least two of the entries must be different types of beverages, for example, a beer and a wine, or two ciders and a mead, or an infusion, a beer, and hippocras. This is to show that the entrant has breadth of experience and is can work with more than one kind of ingredient.

2. Your documentation should include: the country (or countries) of origin, period of origin, characteristics of style for that beverage. Thorough knowledge or discussion of methods used to make the beverage. Your research and references, with complete sources and visual or descriptive references (period recipes), including a bibliography. This allows the judges to determine the depth of the brewers understanding of period brewing practices. At a minimum, please bring a bibliography of the resources you used, your recipe, and know the above information so you tell the judges verbally.

3. Beer/ale makers are encouraged to work from all-grain recipes and wine/mead makers are encouraged to work from whole fruit as much as practical.

 If you have questions, please PM me on Facebook or email me at socpsy at gmail dot com. When the competition is formally scheduled, I will announce the time and place. Even if you are not entering the competition, please feel free to stop by for some discussion and tasting!

 HL Eynon Llangenydd

Calontir Royal Brewer

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