Greetings to the Guild Heads from your A&S Minister!

As you should be aware, Article XVII of Kingdom Law requires you to report once each reign, to the Crown AND to the A&S Minister BOTH, though of course you work for the Crown and not for me. The penalty for failing to do this is suspension of your Guild.

PLEASE catch this up! So far I have received reports only from the Potters' Guild, the Bardic College, and the Brewers' Guild. I used the addresses to send out a reminder before Coronation, one of the responses was from a lady who stated she was not the Guild head, although since she did not give her SCA name or say which guild, and did not respond when I asked her to give me one or the other, I have no idea which of the remaining official alias addresses are defective, but obviously at least one of them is. It's on you as a Guild Head to keep the Webminister up to date on your contact particulars.

So - Cooks, Fibre and Needle, Glassworkers, and Scribal Guild Heads, please get a report in without delay! - Yours in service, Paul Adler

Yours in service,
Paul Adler, KMOA&S
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