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Mistress Ylva Jonsdottir

*County scroll for HE Mistress Ylva Jonsdottir
<>, done in the Reign
of* *Bataciqan-nu
Ko’un Ashir
and Ashland de Mumford <>*

*Text by Halgrimr riddari
Calligraphy and Illumination by Ayisha bint Asad

[image: Ylva County Scroll pt. 1]
Ylva County Scroll pt. 2]

Ylva’s Saga

None doubt the gifts of the Stormcleaver……

When the Heartlands were in need of a Harkonung,

The gosling of battle protected her from all great dangers and in time

When most needed, The Guardian of the Heartland,

gifted the spear-kin with wise and generous heirs.

Logan, a mighty warrior,  and his heart-bearer Ylva.

Graceful and beautiful, Ylva’s wordfame was yet a whisper

but soon it would be louder than a blast from Gjallarhorn!

It was soon observed that she was no commoner,

she was intelligent, well spoken, and in all respects well behaved.

Those who knew her thought well of her, and considered her

a most excellent woman.

Upon ascension, The Folk hastened toward the Falcon Thrones

men and women, a multitude and a crowd,

throng and a troop; unending happy faces and open hearts

both the venerable and those in the springs of their lives

pressed forward and ran toward the Krongur’s fair maid,

Every one of them in the rejoicing Hjartlund became cheerful

And lifted ale-prows after they learned that once again

A ring-rich Northern peace-weaver had returned to the High Seat

With Joy in their hearts, from that time until they no longer could,

High minded courageous Calon goðar went forth;

Fierce comrades, bold warriors, Skaldi-blessed, highly skilled artisans

Saddle beast tamers and hearts-blood givers bearing Her banners high,

joyfully moving forward, with stern minds and stouthearted souls

slowly increasing the minds worth of the kingdom in her name.

Upon being seated upon the Calon High Seat,

She took great pleasure in discovering and commemorating

The achievements of her People and Her Kingdom,

Knowing that it is enlightening to discover the prowess and skill

Of others, even more so to recognize them for doing it freely.

Displaying love and giving name fame

Creating smiles and honoring those who please her so.

Graciously heaping praise on those who toil at their crafts

Encouraging the deepening of life-blood wells,

Giving battle-garb to the newly trained levy of the Calon Host,

Ever gleaming Cup-bearer upon the fields of war.

And when the time came, in addition to the adoration of her people,

Ylva, wise drottning, Hammers’s heart, rune counselor and life-blood giver

did win not only everlasting renown for her grace and generosity

But was adorned with a high seats helm for long remembered deeds

done for her land and her people.

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