I'm actually teaching a class on how to achieve an authentic pre-1300s AD look using geometric tunics at Clothier's. It's a good prep going into war season.

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On 1/4/2017 10:22 AM, Amberly Brown wrote:
> For those who have the means: Can you pay for someone on your food
> plan who might not otherwise attend? Loan a tent or cot? Offer garb?

It's been a very long time, but I once attended Lilies from far
out-of-kingdom...  I can share a few things that people did that made
the trip much easier.

1. I'd decided, foolishly, to ship my tent in advance.  People were kind
enough to accept the shipment to their homes, and even transported my
stuff to the site.  (I'm still grateful to the people of B3R.)  I was
able to ship stuff home myself, by driving it to town.  B3R also said
"you can camp with us, we'll make room for you".

2. Without any pre-coordination, we were invited to be part of the food
plan for Grimfells.  Partly because Pavel wouldn't let anyone be hungry,
but also so we'd have someone to eat with.  It was really nice.  (Tasty

3. People were ridiculously generous with sharing information in advance
on how easy it would be to get there, how close by town is and what was
available, and how easy things would be.

Separate from that, was the warm and loving welcome, the instant
inclusion, and all the fun.  But when deciding to go, it was knowing
that simple things like a place to sleep, and food to eat, and
low-hassles for solving problems made it easy.


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