Most of the woodworking and design of chained library done
Experiments with Theophlis ink making methods using American walnuts which may not be a period ingredient- but after 14932???
Harvested Cain
Processing cane seed for making lute to mold in.
Much worrying and planing for taking TGM to Gulf
Making adjustments to TGM including internal tent / bed /  sleeping area and shelves in TGM upstairs, and working on completing roof and moving steps on TGM
Training dogs to get them ready for gulf.
Fighting against the weather to get these things done.

On 1/9/2017 11:00 AM, Jessica Carpenter wrote:
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Good morning, lovely artisans of Mag Mor!

This Sunday, January 15th, I will be submitting my quarterly A&S report to the Kingdom. So tell me, what have you been working on? What cool things have you made? What interesting things have you learned? Let me know, so that I can compile a report on the talents of our Barony! If you've already sent me something, feel free to disregard this message.


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