A naturalist friend of mine who writes a column about nature in Bend,
Oregon, USA has asked me the following.  If anyone can help, please reply
to Jim Anderson and myself directly.  Much thanks.

"I'm doing a piece on the Grylloblattodea I found in South Ice Cave back in
the '50's with my old (now deceased) caving partner, Phil Coyner, and about
sending it to Prof. Jack Lattin at OSU.

A professor from U of BC (apparently) ended up with it and he came down to
collect more at South Ice Cave, intent on placing them into a new Order. He
brought lots of environmental study equipment with him which had set up for
several years in the cave. (Occasionally it was stolen by vandals, and he
replaced it.)

I can not remember his name, OR if he ever got the job done in putting them
into a new Order.

Can you shed any light on this...?"

Jim Anderson
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Eric R. Eaton
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author, *Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America*