Sometimes those who live in the past instead of the present are just as
capable of giving us future ways to listen anew. Poundie Burstein, a prime
mover behind *SMT-V*’s inception, is the author of the first video of *
SMT-V*’s third year, entitled "Parenthetic Aside in a 1789 Analysis of
Mozart’s K. 284.” In this 11-minute video, Prof. Burstein shares an
illuminating and current-paradigm-flouting reductive perspective of the
first movement of Mozart’s Piano Sonata in D Major, K. 284 by the Darmstadt
musician J.G. Portmann. This analysis compels us to think again about what
is and is not necessary and sufficient in late-eighteenth-century
sonata-form expositions. You can find the video on Vimeo
<>, or on our society's *SMT-V* page
<>, or you can let this and
subsequent *SMT-V
*videos find you by subscribing to *SMT-V*’s podcast on iTunes

I am honored to stand alongside *SMT-V*'s associate editors Anna Gawboy and
Bryn Hughes as we continue in our mission to bring you top-notch ideas from
the world of music theory in a moving-image format. If you ever have the
opportunity, please extend to them a thanks for their service.

As always, your submissions to* SMT-V* are strongly encouraged. Our
submission guidelines, plus more information about the journal’s
purpose and peer-review process, can be found here

Scott Murphy
Editor, *SMT-V*: Videocast Journal of the Society for Music Theory
Professor, Music Theory
University of Kansas
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