Computer Music Journal  Volume 40, Number 4, Winter 2016

Editors’ Notes
Eric Lyon

Announcements, News, Letters
Stephen David Beck, Erik Nyström, Richard Graham, Richard Garrett, Zack Settel

High-Density Loudspeaker Arrays, Part 1: Institutions

Holophonic Sound in IRCAM’s Concert Hall: Technological and Aesthetic Practices
Thibaut Carpentier, Natasha Barrett, Rama Gottfried, Markus Noisternig

A Musical Journey towards Permanent High-Density Loudspeaker Arrays
Natasha Barrett

The Evolution of Spatial Audio in the AlloSphere
Andrés Cabrera, JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Curtis Roads

Genesis of the Cube: The Design and Deployment of an HDLA-Based Performance and Research Facility
Eric Lyon, Terence Caulkins, Denis Blount, Ivica Ico Bukvic, Charles Nichols, Michael Roan, Tanner Upthegrove

Creating Multiple Spatial Settings with “Granular Spatialisation” in the High-Density Loudspeaker Array of the Cube Concert Hall
Javier Alejandro Garavaglia

Searching for the GRAIL
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano


Schaum by Masayoshi Fujita, Jan Jelinek (review)
Seth Rozanoff

Salvaged—Compositions 1986–2014 by Nicolas Collins (review)
Ross Feller

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