HI All:
Ok, I've reached the end of my workaround patience with CS5 Suite and 
Apple Sierra (OS10.12.3). I can't buy CS6 (not sure that will be a good 
fix either). So if I go to the cloud, how is the best way to preserve 
CS5 because it will be wiped/overwritten from the CC version?  I will 
need it as backup.

1. Partition the new computer's hard drive and boot up from there if 
needed? (2TB hard drive)
2. Copy it to an external drive partition? Slower USB or 
Thunderbolt/Firewire speed, granted. (Not all of the ancillary data will 
be there, but still on the computer hard drive?
3. Does it have to be bootable as a separate startup disk in order to 
run efficiently?
4. Clone it? not done that before. Reading this article:

Question: I've not run software from a partition to work on large files 
(appx 500MB). . However I want to set it up in the beginning to where 
it's the most functional.

Any other recommendations?

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, President

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