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You're invited to: Darwin Core Hour: Even Simple is Hard
When: 7 Mar 2017 @ 11 am EST, 4 PM UTC
Details here: https://www.idigbio.org/content/darwin-core-hour-even-simple-hard
The online meeting space we use will hold up to 500 people - so please invite your colleagues to join!

Chapter Abstract
In this 2nd chapter of the Darwin Core Hour series, we will glance at the list of Darwin Core terms that are recommended to be populated with values from controlled vocabularies. From that list we’ll look at some basic terms (e.g., dcterms:type, dwc:basisOfRecord, etc.) for which there are clearly recommended controlled vocabularies.

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We will explore how controlled vocabularies are used in practice and how usage differs from the recommendations. We’ll discuss what the consequences might be of not following controlled vocabularies, and the converse - what the consequences might be of doing so. We’ll look at some of the secrets of how aggregators deal with the problem and the lessons we can learn from them. Finally, we will review questions that have been submitted related to this particular subject and open the webinar for further discussion.
Presenter: John Wieczorek
In anticipation of our 2nd Darwin Core (Happy) Hour,
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