Hello Association For Evolutionary Economics Discussion List List Serv,

We want to invite your organization to the Left Forum conference 2017.

This year’s Left Forum conference theme is:

The Resistance

This year’s Left Forum takes place from June 2nd to June 4th at John Jay
College for Criminal Justice in New York City.

Please see the long theme statement here
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account on our website first! )

Submission deadline: April 21st, 2017.

“The Resistance” undoubtedly conveys something that is simultaneously
broad, multi-layered, historically rich, and consistently relevant (now
more than ever). With that, we would like to present several sub-themes for
the entire conference that we hope will guide you in your outstanding
organization work for Left Forum 2017. As panel organizers, you may use
these subtitles to guide your organizing and/or develop a panel track on
the specific struggles you are engaged in.

Later this week, you will receive an email more thoroughly detailing the
2017 panel tracks (with examples, suggestions on how you can connect them
to the various sub-themes, etc.). So keep an eye out!

The Resistance: Path to a Radical New World

#LFStrategy: How will we get there?

The Resistance: By Any Means Necessary?

#LFTactics: How will we apply strategy?

The Resistance:
Breaking the Sexist, Racist, Kleptocratic, Earth-destroying, Billionaire

#LFStruggles: What are we fighting and what are we fighting for?

The Resistance: A Unified Left for Universal Liberation?

#LFSolidarity: How can the Left work better together?

The Resistance: Then. Now. Tomorrow.

#LFUtopia: What will success look like?

Please consider submitting a panel or workshop for the 2017 gathering
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<>. Submission
deadline: April 21st, 2017

Please get in touch with us when you want to

In Solidarity,

The Program Outreach team

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