*Echo: A Music-Centered Journal* announces a call for submissions for
publication in our upcoming issues, Volume 15, to be published in Fall
2017, and Volume 16, to be published in Fall 2018. The editors invite
contributions about music and musical experiences from all disciplines.
Articles published in *Echo* may address music and/or sound from any
historical, geographic, or cultural moment. In particular, we encourage
potential authors to capitalize on *Echo*’s digital format by incorporating
audio files, images, video, and new media in their submissions. While there
are no restrictions on topic, this year we are especially interested in
reading scholarly work that addresses issues of race, racism,
discrimination, protest, violence, and/or terrorism both within and without
the academy.

In addition to articles, contributions to* Echo’*s "Primary Sources" series
are welcomed; we invite submissions of original material useful to scholars
that would not normally fall under the heading of “article” or “review,”
such as interviews, translations, and digital archival projects not
available elsewhere. Long-form video (e.g. interviews, lectures,
demonstrations) and audio content (e.g. performances, podcasts) is also of
interest to us, provided it has not previously been made available through
other platforms.

Please visit for more information
and detailed submission instructions.

The deadlines for consideration are 1 June 2017 (Volume 15) and 1 October
2017 (Volume 16).


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