Early Music, Volume 44 Issue 4, 1 November 2016


Graham Sadler


A little-known bust of Jean-Philippe Rameau in London  
Aileen Dawson
Satirical portraits and visual lampoons of Rameau and his works  
Florence Gétreau
New light on Jean-Philippe Rameau’s biography revealed by revisions to his father’s will  
Erik Kocevar
Rameau’s Treatise on the Composition of Musical Canons and the Bresou collection: new discoveries and attributions  
Sylvie Bouissou
‘Ces piéces éxécutées sur le claveçin seul ne laissent rien à désirer’: reflections on playing Rameau’s Pièces de clavecin en concerts on solo keyboard  
Stephen Gutman
Savage love: the Indifferent Woman, violent seduction and 18th-century French cantatas  
Marcie Ray

Hidden meaning in Agnus Dei canons: two cases from the Alamire manuscripts  
Zoe Saunders

Orchestras on stage in the Georgian-era playhouse: unravelling the origin of the ‘Winston’ sketch  
Vanessa L. Rogers

Made in Amsterdam: a 1771 cittern by Benoit Joseph Boussu  
Geerten Verberkmoes
Sounding the shofar  
Helen Deeming

Brass histories  
Peter Downey

Erard’s instrument business  
David Rowland

Well-tempered woodwinds  
Edward Breen


Music for the London stage  
Sandra Tuppen


German keyboard music from the late Renaissance to the Galant  
John McKean
Mainly French, mainly vocal, mainly Baroque  
David Hansell

The Classical wind player  
Rachel N. Becker

A rich harvest of Zelenka  
Robert G. Rawson


Cantus Planus 2016 in Dublin  
Raquel Rojo Carrillo

MedRen 2016 in Sheffield  
Simon Bate

Baroque and roll in Canterbury  
Katherina Lindekens; Matthew Gardner; Roseen Giles; James Hume ; Ester Lebedinski

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