*American Musicological Society Popular Music Study Group*

*“Practicing Intersectionality in Popular Music Scholarship and Pedagogy”*

*Call for Papers*

Deadline: *April 28, 2017*
Conference Dates: November 9, 2017

Rochester, NY

The theme of the AMS Popular Music Study Group’s session is immigration and
intersectionality. We welcome interested scholars to submit paper proposals
on topics concerning the relationship between popular music and
intersectional hierarchy, particularly as it affects migrant communities.
This paper session aims to challenge isolationism by drawing attention to
borders that exist both at the periphery of nations and systemically within.

We invite submissions on any subject related to popular music and
intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity, cultural,
tradition, style, etc. Possible themes to explore include:

Articulating national and ethnic identity

Xenophobia and racism

Popular music as propaganda

Economic and social inequality

Displacement and diaspora

Privilege, discrimination, and oppression

We define "popular music" in the broadest possible sense, including, but
not limited to pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, EDM, country, minstrelsy, parlor
songs, tin pan alley, and jazz, as well as non-Western popular musics. We
seek papers from a wide variety of disciplinary, methodological, and
personal perspectives. Special consideration will be given to topics that
have been traditionally underrepresented in contemporary scholarship.

The session, taking place on Thursday 8-11pm, will proceed as follows:
guest speaker Stephan Pennington will deliver a 30 minute presentation with
15 minutes of discussion. The accepted presenters from this CFP will each
deliver 15 minute presentations with 5 minutes of discussion. The session
will feature a moderated discussion on intersectionality in popular music
pedagogy.  If accepted, participants must follow conference registration
policies. Send proposals of no more than 300 words via Word document to
msmith -at-  Along with your name, affiliation, and email
address, indicate any audio, visual, or other presentation needs.


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