Punk & Post-Punk 5.3, Sep 2016



Russ Bestley

This is [not] the A.L.F.?: Anarchism, punk rock and animal advocacy
Francis Stewart

‘Refusing to Be a Man’: Gender, feminism and queer identity in the punk culture
Gerfried Ambrosch

‘I don’t wanna walk around with you’: Routes, roots and composing the grrrl geography of rebellion in Stephanie Kuehnert’s I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
Megan Sormus

A ‘non’ that became a yes: David Shields’ Reality Hunger and the punk germ in the new literary nonfiction
Lucinda Strahan

Blake Schwarzenbach and the anxieties of American punk rock: 1991–present
Arin Keeble

‘I wonder who chose the colour scheme, it’s very nice...’: Mike Coles, Malicious Damage and Forty Years in the Wilderness
Russ Bestley

Exhibition Review
Rebecca Binns

Book Reviews
Russ Bestley And  Matthew Worley And  Pete Dale

A eulogy to Robert Dellar: Mike Dines in conversation with Ted Curtis
Mike Dines

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