*Call For Papers*

*Jazz and Culture*

*(formerly International Jazz Archives Journal) *

*RE-LAUNCH Issue – Spring 2018*

Deadlines (for first issue):

Abstracts 300-500 words: May 1, 2017

Full Manuscripts: July 1, 2017

The University of Pittsburgh’s Jazz Studies program in collaboration with
the University of Illinois Press are proud to announce the revival of our
journal *Jazz and Culture *(formerly the *International Jazz Archives
Journal*). We invite scholars and artists to submit article proposals for
our first issue back, slated for release in Spring of 2018.

*Jazz and Culture *will be an annual, peer-reviewed publication devoted to
publishing cutting-edge research on jazz from multiple perspectives. The
journal is the continuation of the *International Jazz Archives Journal*, a
publication founded in 1993 on the principle that both scholars and
musicians offer invaluable contributions to scholarly inquiry. Continuing
in that legacy, the journal will juxtapose groundbreaking work by
researchers alongside oral histories and submissions written by master
artists in the field. All methodological approaches are welcome, including
ethno/musicology, music theory, and critical and cultural studies. Drawing
upon recent trends in music scholarship, we further seek to interrogate a
range of issues connecting music, race, class, gender, and other realms of
social practice.

For the first time, the renewed journal will be published in collaboration
with the University of Illinois Press. By partnering with a renowned
publisher in music research, the journal will enjoy substantially increased
access, including digital distribution.

We are requesting submissions in the following categories:

·         Academic Articles in 10,000 words.

·         Oral Histories of Jazz Artists

·         Book and Media Reviews (1,000-2,000 words)

To submit, please send a proposal of 300-500 words in either .pdf or .doc
format to: Pittjazz -at- For consideration in the inaugural
re-launch issue, please submit your proposals by May 1, 2017. Full
manuscripts will be required by July 1.

For questions email: Editor-In-Chief Michael Heller at Michael.Heller -at-


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