Issue 2 of the Journal of Creative Music Systems

The journal is open access and published by the University of Huddersfield Press.

Contents include:


*   Formalizing Fado - A Contribution to Automatic Song Making
Tiago Gonzaga Videira, Bruce Pennycook, Jorge Martins Rosa

*   Computer-Generated Stylistic Compositions With Long-term Repetitive and Phrasal Structure
Tom Collins, Robin Laney

*   Generating Time: Rhythmic Perception, Prediction and Production with Recurrent Neural NetworksAndrew J. Elmsley, Tillman Weyde, Newton Armstrong

*   Generative Live Music-making Using Autoregressive Time Series Models: Melodies and Beats
Roger Dean

*   Aiding Soundtrack Composer Creativity through Automated Film Script-profiled Algorithmic Composition
Alexis Kirke, Eduardo Miranda

*   The Design of UrMus as a Meta-Environment for Mobile Music
Georg Essl, Sang Won Lee

*   On the Ontological Category of Computer-Generated Music Scores
Nemesio García-Carril Puy


*   Review of CSMC16: What is Computational "Creativity" and How can it be Evaluated in the Context of Music?
René Mogensen


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