Rock Music Studies, Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2017

American Rock Journalism

This new issue contains the following articles:

Marcel Hartwig & Ulf Schulenberg

Present at the Creation
Richard Goldstein

“Visions and Versions of America”: Greil Marcus’s Rock Journalism as
Cultural Criticism
Ulf Schulenberg

Rise Above: Nostalgia and Authenticity in Representations of 1980s Indie
Rock and Hardcore Punk
Hans Frese

What Is the “American” in “American Music Journalism”?
Julian Weber

The Authenticity of a T-shirt: Ryan Gosling, Roddy Dangerblood, and the
Rebellious Genealogy of Thrasher Magazine
Konstantin Butz

“We Can Always Empathize with Ourselves”: Pastiche, Parody, and Rock
Journalism in Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho (1991) and Kanye West’s
Yeezus (2013)
Marcel Hartwig

Book Reviews

1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music
B. Lee Cooper

Rock, Counterculture and the Avant-Garde, 1966-1970: How the Beatles, Frank
Zappa and the Velvet Underground Defined an Era
John Littlejohn

Do You Want To Know A Secret: The Autobiography of Billy J. Kramer
Ian Inglis

The Band: Pioneers of Americana Music
Daniel Cross Turner

The Beatles and the Historians: An Analysis of Writings about the Fab Four
B. Lee Cooper

Audio Reviews

Directly from My Heart: The Best of the Specialty and Vee-Jay Years
B. Lee Cooper


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