On 27th and 28th April the European Research Council Funded ‘Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures’ project will be holding an interdisciplinary workshop on ‘Methodological Innovation in Late Medieval Studies’ at Wadham College Oxford.  Discussants will consider a range of themes including;

·         The Impact of Sound Studies
·         Performativity and Ceremonial
·         Multimediality/Looking/Listening
·         Multivocality, Polyvocality, and Aesthetics
·         Enactments and the multisensory approach
·         Materiality and Ceremonial Part 1 – Handling Books
·         Materiality and Ceremonial Part 2 – Textiles

 To register and for more information on participants and sessions, please visit www.malmecc.eu/events.  Registration is free of charge, and all are welcome.


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