Greetings Artisans!

One week following our Kingdom's great display of chivalry and prowess on the list field of our Spring Crown Tournament, there will be a great display of knowledge and artistry at our Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition.

In order to help the entrants and  judges prepare, I will be moderating a round table discussion paneled by Duchess Aislinn Morcroft, Hertogin Magdalena Vandermeere, Mistress Dorcas Whitecap, and the Honorable Lady Giraude de Benet.

This discussion is for anyone who has or is interested in entering or judging an arts and sciences competition, not merely the people participating in Kingdom Arts and Sciences, so everyone is invited encouraged to attend.

Depending on the weather, we'll either find a corner of the common room or a shady spot outside to gather. (And I will ask a herald to make our location known.) I'll be wearing red 14th century clothing, but if that is unhelpful, simply follow Hertogin Magdalena's ducal coronet. (I'm fairly sure she's the tallest in our group.)

We had a lot of fun when we held it at Kris Kinder and now that we've found our stride, it'll be even better!

Whether you're a seasoned judge and entrant in competitions or  you're newer to the experience, we'll discuss questions and issues that will help you better understand the environment and help prepare you to have a great academic discussion about your projects, one that will foster learning through communication and encouragement.

So, bring your lunch and come join us about thirty-forty minutes after the tournament!

In Service,
Rosalye Langmod

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