Hi all,
Thanks for everyone's valuable contributions to this discussion. I look
forward to hearing the results of the GNSI Board's discussion.

I like the suggestions of including other organizations such as the AMI,
ASBA, and others from around the world. Once the article is written, I
expect it would be pretty easy to get quite a few organizations to sign it.

As I said before, I like the idea of involving a lawyer in this response.
However, I am wondering if it would be appropriate to pay the lawyer. It
seems to me like it has the _appearance_ of a conflict of interest to pay a
lawyer to co-write an article that is in our favor. As far as I know, most
(all?) journal authors are not directly paid to write articles; they do it
out of professional interest and because it's expected of them. If we can
find a lawyer in academia, for example, who would co-write the paper as
part of his/her job (just as he/she would write any academic paper), I
think that would be ideal.

I also want to comment about where this response might be published. On the
one hand, publishing it in the same journal (RIO) that published the
original paper would mean it reaches the same audience. On the other hand,
I question the legitimacy of a journal that would publish such a deeply
flawed article in the first place. Wherever our reply is published (and I
don't really know where to suggest), I hope that it could be at least
re-printed (if not originally published) in our own GNSI journal.

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>> I am thinking that we might want to start a kickstarter type project to
>> cover at least some of the cost, assuming there is not a copyright
>> laywer/writer who is interested in busting the chops of these guys just for
>> the pleasure of it. Would need to be well written, not a dense treatise
>> with the lead buried in the back.
>> I also agree that if this sort of thing goes unanswered it does spread,
>> and pretty soon some bozo from the congressional majority picks it up and
>> cites it as an authoritative work on proper reform for copyright law.
>> Britt
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