I just received this from my professional organization, the Association 
of Medical Illustrators*. *I am proud that they have taken a stand, and 
I would love for GNSI to consider a similar position.  I am personally 
considering going to the march for science on Earth Day in Washington.  
It would be good to have a contingent of science illustrators there!

Sorry in advance for waxing political!  But the future of our 
environment and of our livelihoods are impacted by the dismissal of the 
scientific method by our new government.



    Members of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) have many
    job titles - Biomedical Communicator, Visual Specialist, Creative
    Director, Product Designer, Animator, Medical Illustrator, to name
    just a few. Whatever the title, the driving force behind all of
    these is a mandate to clearly and accurately explain scientific
    facts and ideas with visuals. AMI members are fascinated by
    scientific exploration, and have a passion for illuminating the
    science of life.

    Science is a method for uncovering how things work - the beautiful
    mystery of our bodies, the tiny worlds of subatomic physics, the
    complex machinery of biochemistry, the awe-inspiring energies of
    stars and galaxies. It is intrinsically human to be curious, and
    science is the tool we use to focus our curiosity by observing,
    gathering data, and finding answers about the universe. Scientists
    rely on the unfettered flow of information as they make discoveries
    to inform and direct each other's work. The lay public needs the
    free flow of information about science and its discoveries in order
    to make rational decisions about our lives, our health, and our
    impact on the world.

    Recent events in the USA have raised concerns about the suppression
    of scientific evidence and restricting access to information.
    Whatever our individual political or ideological beliefs, AMI
    members around the world are engaged in a profession that stands at
    the center of communicating science - between researchers, among
    medical professionals, from science professionals to the public, and
    for future generations. We have a fundamental calling to increase
    and enhance understanding about scientific matters.

    In that spirit, the AMI supports the free flow of information about
    science and the answers it uncovers because #ScienceMatters.
    Suppressing scientific information is detrimental to a healthy
    society, so we will continue to use our unique skills and talents as
    visual storytellers to clearly explain the vitally important and
    fascinating information that science and society demands.

    #ScienceMatters, #SciComm, #SciArt, #MedArt, #BioArt



*Chris Gralapp*,MA, CMI, FAMI**

Medical/Scientific Illustration

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