Hi James


I’m certain somebody will have this information right and ready.


Nevertheless, I would approach this question much differently than you. I would certainly start at


and then work my way through the ages. It should not be a long journey.







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Subject: First described dung beetle species for the World and Afrotropical Region?


Dear Scarab Workers


Does anyone know the first validly described dung beetle (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) species for the World and secondarily for the Afrotropical Region? Common sense would suggest that it would be a one of the larger bodied species but this may not necessarily be the case. Please share your insights with me if you have looked into this, or have any species / genera which come to mind as being good candidates for further investigation. My own search has started within genera like Scarabaeus and Heliocopris but I am sure that there are many others which should also be looked at.


Many thanks indeed!



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