I worked out a naming convention that suits me but I'd love to be able to shorten the name files while still capturing the information.  Storing the files is basically like a file cabinet.


Naming convention


Starts with the Host for everything but the insects/arthropods or insect if it is an insect or arthropod


Host-pest-location-date (Year-MO-Da)-my initials or photographer-original number given by the camera.





Filing -



        Silver_spotted Tiger



        Douglas fir






    Groundcovers (includes grass)



I'm sure there are wonderful new ways to do this so I'm looking forward to how others name photos and file them.




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Subject: data on insect photos

Hello All,     

A friend who is an accomplished photographer, Adrian Thysse, has just written a blog on the kinds of data that may be added to photos of specimens, with particular reference to insects:

He is especially interested to get feedback on his suggestions for a methodology for image file labelling and metadata use for photographers. 

What are other people on the ECN list doing to label your image files?

-  Felix

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