Hello Martín, I think that is a pecies of Plectris!.



2017-03-27 14:36 GMT-05:00 Martin Hardy <[log in to unmask]>:

Hello scarabs workers,

I am not a specialist on Melolonthinae and I am trying to identify this scarab (see picture).  I think it is probably a Melolonthinae (Macrodactylini).

I would really like to know if anyone has an idea which genus (or species) this is. Look like the second specimen on the left might be a female (no horns).

The data is:  Peru, Pasco reg., Oxapampa prov., Puerto Bermudez dist., 10.4133S 074.9947W   h=860 m.

Many thanks for your help,


Martin Hardy
M.Sc. entomology

Jhon César Neita Moreno.
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MSc. Entomología. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Laboratorio de Entomología.
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