Many thanks for the informations José and Jean-Michel,



Martin Hardy
M.Sc. entomology

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Objet : Re: Unknown Melolonthinae from Peru

Dear Martin and Kerry,


The fauna of Macrodactylini of Peru is practically unknown, I have seen much material of that country that turns out to be new for the science, according to my experience with Macrodactylini, I believe that the specimens of Oxapampa corresponds to a new species of Gama or Plectris, could even be a new genus of Macrodactylini.




José Mondaca E.



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Hello Kerry,


Many thanks for the informations.

I have 3 males (and what I think a female). I am not sure they are Ceratolontha, the 'horns' are different (more rounded in my specimens and the overall habitus is different, plus the locality)


If it is Ok with you, I will contact you on your email today.





Martin Hardy
M.Sc. entomology


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Objet : Unknown Melolonthinae from Peru


Hello Martin,


Nadine Kriska showed me this unknown Melolonthinae from Peru, and I am pretty sure this is the Macrodactylini Ceratolontha, which is only known from the type C. venezuelae Arrow 1948.  I can not see the head, but are the "horns" from the clypeus?  My look at them is from the type, female never described, strange to see this in the Macrodactylini.  If this is Ceratolontha I would love to take a look, it is one of those rarely seen members, never have I encountered this in any collection!  The specimen I used to redescribed this was a female, and she had short horns, so maybe this is different in terms of species.


Kerry Katovich







2017-03-27 14:36 GMT-05:00 Martin Hardy <[log in to unmask]>:

Hello scarabs workers,


I am not a specialist on Melolonthinae and I am trying to identify this scarab (see picture).  I think it is probably a Melolonthinae (Macrodactylini).


I would really like to know if anyone has an idea which genus (or species) this is. Look like the second specimen on the left might be a female (no horns).


The data is:  Peru, Pasco reg., Oxapampa prov., Puerto Bermudez dist., 10.4133S 074.9947W   h=860 m.


Many thanks for your help,



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