Greetings from agha Yasamin begam, Crown Tournament Event Steward.

We look forward to hosting you, the people of the Heartland, in the Barony of Vatavia, at this most festive occasion! To further your enjoyment, here are the details of the day.

Crown Tournament will be held at the Andover Community Center in the 13th Street Sports Parks, 1008 E. 13th St. Andover KS, 67002, Andover, Kansas. Site opens to the populace at 9:00.

Weather permitting, the Tournament will take place outdoors. Space around the list field for sunshades is first come, first served. Gate, meals and meetings will take place inside the hall. Fighters are welcome to engage in martial activities once the tournament is complete.

Alcohol is permitted in the areas of the park which we have rented--the Community Center and the outdoor tournament area. Alcohol is absolutely prohibited in any other areas of the park, and especially absolutely prohibited on the streets outside the park. We are the first group to take advantage of the city's outdoor space use policy, so infractions will very likely be noticed. Please respect our landlord's rules!


9:00:    Site opens

            Silent Auction opens

10:00:   Combatants and Consorts registered at Gate

            Vigil for Neathery de Safita begins

10:30:    Combatant inspections complete

11:00:    Commencement of Crown Tournament

30 minutes post-Tournament:

            Order of the Chivalry meeting

            Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition Roundtable

90 minutes post-Tournament:

            Witan meeting

            Persian Portrait Poses dance clas (Catalina Qadiyya)

4:30:    Silent Auction closes

5:00:    Court begins

6:30:    Feast begins

9:00:    Site closes

Lunch Tavern will be hosted by the Shire of Theobald College, and will feature chicken noodle and vegetarian soups, chicken salad and egg salad, hummus and other sundries.

The Honorable Lady Snowlyne inghean Seamuis has planned a repast to celebrate the coming of Spring, with a bountiful feast of Meat, Meat, Meat!! Skewered, roasted and boiled. We have gathered, traded and foraged for accompanying onions, garlic, roots, seeds and berries.

For those vegetarians traveling with carnivores, we can provide you some simple fare as well; please contact me to make arrangements.

Once again, we look forward to welcoming our Calontiri brethren to witness the securing of the Royal line. Cheers, and we shall see you soon!


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