The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'Kingdom Arts & Sciences Event Court Summary, April 15, A.S. 51'

In evening court:
Hugo van Harlo – Leather Mallet
Amon Attwood – Leather Mallet
Elspeth of Stonehaven – Calon Lily
Vashti al-Asar – Leather Mallet
Elaisse de Garrigues – Golden Calon Swan
Abbatissa inghean lohne mhic Cuaig – Leather Mallet
Æsa á Norðrlonda – AoA
Beatrix Bogenschutz – Leather Mallet
Cera in Fheda – Silver Hammer
Zaneta Baseggio – Leather Mallet
Kainen Brynjólfsson – Queen’s Chalice
Zarah bat Chesed – Leather Mallet
Ysabel de la Oya – Leather Mallet
Tarique ibn Akmel el Ghazi – Silver Hammer
Leilia Corsini – Leather Mallet
Khuden Volkov – Torse

Other court news:
Hugo van Harlo won the Judges’ Choice award.
Viga-Valr viligísl (Vels) is the new Kingdom A&S Champion.
3 newcomers received mugs.
Ms. Katrei Grunenberg received her Laurel scroll, due since the reign of Valens III and Susannah II.

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