Check out the GNSI Members awarded a Jury Award in the 2016 Focus on Nature XIV Exhibition!


Nadja Baltensweiler: Blue Congo Potato

Tara Bensen: Aboreal Salamander

Daisy Chung: Tentacles

Pauline Dewar: Fern Diversity

Lisa Falkenstern: Tulip Tree

Linda Feltner: Evening Encounter

Alexander Holler: Titan Arum

Barbara Ierulli: Anatomy of Fire Recovery

Luca Marini: Catalogue of Fishes from Seychelles Islands

Tiffany Miller Russell: Dragons in Darkness

Sean Murtha: Green River Terrestrial mural

Kelly Leahy Radding: The Sentinel

Scott Rawlins: Carrion Flower

Linda Thomas: Teatown Pre-Settlement and Settlement Era

Patricia Wynne: Tasmanian Wolf Skins
Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, President


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