Hi All:
With your broad experience of digital projectors, I thought I'd see if 
you had any tips.

I have shown a lot of Powerpoint presentations connected to my Macbook 
Pro and using a VGA connection.
I show images of my developmental pencil sketches as: RGB, usually 
300dpi or 150dpi, and JPEGS or TIFFS.  I now use Photoshop to deepen the 
drawing because some areas of the sketch can be very light and delicate. 
Not all auditoriums or classrooms are totally dark.

On occasion, these drawings are projected as the most clunky 
bit-map-looking things, and to me, they just look awful. I've had IT 
folks say it's the projector, and others tell me they don't know, even 
after tweaking the aspect ratio for the projector comfort zone. Doesn't 

Is it totally the projector? or
Does anyone have any tips for planning for success?  PDFs? (I don't use 
those much in PPT). Grayscale ? CMYK?

Your experience is very much appreciated,
Linda M. Feltner
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, President

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