I am not able to access the article as all pre-2008 WAL issues are still in the stacks.


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As you may or may not know, all of the issues of Western American Literature are (in theory) available online. The issues since 2010 are on Project Muse. The prior issues are on JSTOR. 


One ought to be able to go to one's library website, enter the JSTOR portal, and do a search to pull up any of the old articles. I've discovered, however, that JSTOR is available in a variety of "collections," and that many libraries do not subscribe to all of the collections, including collection XIII, which is the one that contains WAL. Alas, my own library does not do so. (I've now requested that they do.)


So I'm thinking if my library at a Big 10 research I institution does not subscribe to that collection, then probably most university libraries do not do so. And hence most of our articles pre-2010 that are on JSTOR are not available to very many people.


Those of you who have read this email this far, I'd like to ask you to test this out. Could you access your library's website, go to the JSTOR portal, and do a search for one of the old articles. At random I've selected  


"Character and Landscape: Frank Waters' Colorado Trilogy"


Western American Literature

Vol. 2, No. 3 (FALL 1967)


A title search should do the trick. If your library subscribes to JSTOR collection XIII, then you should have access to this article when you do a search. If your library does not subscribe, then you will not find it there. 


If you could let me know if you do or do not find that article, that will help me out. I have a project in mind to increase access to WAL articles online, but if most libraries don't subscribe, it may not be worth my time. 


Thanks, Tom



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