The original attempt had Cut and Thrust in the omnibus peerage. That didn't
fly so Cut and Thrust was separated, and that peerage was approved. This
committee is to help improve the process because of the issues that
occurred with the omnibus/cut and thrust peerage processes. The lack of
consistency and clarity in the process caused a lot of frustration Society
wide, and this committee is to help address the situation.

*Multiple omnibus and alternate peerages have been suggested. I am not
referring to any specific version/suggestion.


On Wed, May 10, 2017 at 11:28 AM, Lady Rosalie Langmod <
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> So... Cut and thrust got a separate-but-equal peerage and now they're
> proposing lumping the other martial activities in one, giant, consolation
> cluster-peerage?
> The lack of consistency is most entertaining.
> -Rosalie
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> On 5/9/2017 10:41 PM, Volu-Ingibiorg wrote:
> > "e.g. Valiance"
> >
> > Valiance?  What's that an idea for?
> >
> Dealing with everything vaguely martial that got left out of the fencing
> peerage.  Equestrian, archery, siege weapons...
> Elasait
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