Demo at TGM I maybe can do something but need to time it so I need some details-Gerald Goodwine

On 5/31/2017 9:31 AM, December Montecino wrote:
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A preview of some of the things people have signed up to demonstrate at the Roadshow so far!

Either embroidery, illumination, or hairbraiding.
 Burnishing Roman pots. 
 Sewing and finger loop braiding
 Riveted Maille
 Tablet Weaving, specifically with a focus on 13-14th century.
 TBD. Engraving? Ropemaking?
 Bread Making 
 basket weaving
 Bookbinding / C&I
 Knitting silk pouches
 Chandlery (candles and waxed linen)
 Bakers of the Kingdom of Calontir 
Calon Musicians
Meat pies for bartering

Please sign up!!!


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