Greetings to the list from Dorcas!

Today I got a Google Docs invitation from somebody who I *think* is in the SCA.  It looked suspicious because I'm not currently involved in any project with this person, or any project at all that would involve sharing info this way.  I like Google Drive stuff just fine, and find it convenient and easy, but I wasn't expecting any invites today.  Just to be safe, I deleted the invitation.

Literally minutes later, somebody posted to Twitter something about suspicious Google Doc invites.

This is me boosting the signal.

Don't click on links or open documents, even from somebody you think you know.  Contact that person and ask if they sent you the invite or the link or the doc.

If you want to send a link or doc or invitation, maybe send an email ahead of it, warning that it's coming & what it's for.


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