Thank you for providing this valuable service for all Lilies attendees.

One other service they can assist with: Tick removal. They have tweezers and steady hands! (past experience speaking. sigh.)


On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 3:18 AM, Gale Smith <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
A reminder: at the First Aid Services Tent we also have ice, cold water (both site and bottled), cooling cloths, four fans, and cots to lie down upon.  We are located at the intersection of The High Road and Kings' Highway.  You pass us on the way between Camp and Gate and Ice.  

And, yes we have first aid supplies to treat injuries that do not require advanced life support.  If you cannot come to to us we have a response van that can come to you.  You can contact us in several ways. The first and best way is by radio. There are radios at the First Aid Services Tent and several members of the Lilies staff have radios.  If you cannot find a Lilies staff member with a radio my (Owain, modernly Gale R Smith) cell phone number is 402-310-8362.  If those two options are not available to you, then you can send a runner to the First Aid Services Tent.

Since the Board of Directors has disbanded the Chirurgeons and distanced official SCA groups from first aid services, we can no longer receive funds from any official SCA group, that includes Lilies War.  We have to rely on donations to meet our costs.  Costs that are not covered by donations are covered by members of the First Aid Services Team.  Any donation, great or small, has our heartfelt thank yous.

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