<<<  I’m fine with it as a marketing and promotional tool to spread the word about the art/club but it should never be a teaching tool for martial arts (especially weapons arts). The difference is that you are profiting from something you know is inherently unsafe. >>>

Hmm. If the protestor is making money himself by teaching marshal arts in person, I wonder if he is simply upset about the competition.

I run a large website, Stefan's Florilegium with, I hope lots of useful info, including some entries on marshal arts.  And yes, making mistakes while trying to follow some of the directions in the articles can get you hurt. However, I also depend upon readers to use their best judgement and consider the risks they choose to make. Hot glass and metal can hurt for instance, if you aren't careful. Not just martial arts. If I had a video on making a medieval venison dish, and you made it from spoiled meat, and died or got sick, does that make the video producer criminal or unethical?

If folks submitted instructional videos, I'd love to be able to offer them through the Florilegium. I'm not sure how, maybe through youtube? But right now, I've not been faced with that problem. :-)


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For any movement based activity, actual video is a blessing beyond words for instruction when first person instruction is not possible.
I simply adore the fact that the doofus complaining is apparently fine with books and pictures but not video for instruction purposes.
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