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Interesting about all of this…my Yoga instructor spoke of the beauty of the birds all awakening just before sunrise…magical!

At my house, it’s screaming banshees morning and at dusk (several cockatoos). And I just rescued a Moluccan cockatoo who lived through a horrific divorce (the husband threatened to kill the bird, rattled her cage and threw things at her). She mimics what sounds like two people arguing with a few choice words thrown in. Thankfully, cockatoos don’t enunciate well, so I doubt most people would notice.

I’ve discovered she loves peanut butter toast in the morning. All 3 dogs sit in front of her, waiting for her to drop something they can snarf down. She actually fluffed herself up big and yelled at one of my more persistent dogs this morning.

Linda… some other names for you…

You might like Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesongs, which are kind of wordless rounds.

Leo Kottke does instrumental guitar, an occasional song with lyrics.

And oh my, you have to check out Enrike Solinis who plays baroque guitar in ensembles - shades of flamenco and hints of jazz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maekYcb8s2U

Itzhak Perlman, violin.

John Williams, guitar.

James Galway, flute.

Don’t know if you like classical music comedy, but Peter Schickele is brilliant as PDQ Bach. He does the 1812 Overture like a sportscast. If you like this sort thing, Anna Russell pokes fun at opera in a similar manner.

Canadian Guitar Quartet.

Sharon Isbin, guitar.

Al Petteway, guitar.

Gil Shaham, violin.

Keith Jarrett does great jazz piano. I know he had some problems and stopped playing for a long time, but I think he is playing again. Try his solo work at Koln (improvisation). Jarrett sometimes sings as he plays.

Glenn Gould - the Goldberg Variations. Gould sometimes sings as he plays also.

David Helfgott, the pianist that the movie SHINE was made about, has some recordings. The "Rach 3" alone is worth it (Rachmaninoff Concerto Nr. 3). He does sometimes talk or mumble when he plays.

Andrew York, guitar (I might have mentioned him in my previous email).

That should keep you busy for a while.



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