Our MOU partner has reached out about a letter that is being organized about the importance of funding biological research in the FY2018 budget.  We have been offered an opportunity to sign on as an organization interested in funding for the sciences.  At the moment, I am planning on signing the letter on behalf of ECN unless there is strenuous opposition to our participation as a signatory.  I’m already asking them to add “biological collections” to facilities that would be impacted. Please address comments and concerns to me directly rather than replying all to the distribution list. 





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Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2017 2:39 PM
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Subject: Sign on letter on proposed budget cuts


Good afternoon,


The American Institute of Biological Sciences is organizing a letter to Congress about the anticipated cuts to research funding that will be likely be included in President Trump's 2018 budget request.  Since your organization signed a letter to then President-Elect Trump about the importance of biological research, I am reaching out to see if your organization would sign the attached letter.


Deadline for organizations to sign: Tuesday, May 23 at 7 pm (Eastern)


The Trump Administration is expected to release its full budget request for fiscal year 2018 on May 23.  As you may recall, the Administration's 'skinny budget' released in March outlined deep cuts to numerous federal research programs, including an 18% cut from NIH, 16% cut from the Office of Science within the Department of Energy, and nearly a 50% cut from EPA's Office of Research and Development.  Read more here.  Details were not released about some other programs, including NSF.


We are anticipating that the full spending plan will be just as bad for U.S. science.  The good news is that the President's budget request is only a request.  Congress writes the spending bills.  As seen in the recent completion of 2017 appropriations, Congress does not have an appetite for deep cuts to science funding.


Work is just beginning on 2018 appropriations.  Now is the time to weigh in on research funding.  I hope your organization will join in this effort.


The draft sign on letter will be sent to Congress next Wednesday.  If release of the President's budget request is delayed, we we hold off on sending the letter to Congress.  I will be in touch next Tuesday with more information about the full budget request and to confirm the timing of when the letter will be sent.




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