Thank you. As I said *I* only knew of one other SCA group named for an individual.  Well, now I know of three' :-) 

There are likely others that I'm not aware of. My placeneme-msg files are hardly  comprehensive. As I've mentioned, I'd love to get mroe entries. 

The three placename-msg files are strictly sequential using the date the messages were posted. 

Would more people be willing/interested to look at the files if I repackaged them by geography? I do prefer that folks take a look at the files to see if the story of their group, or the one they are commenting about, has already been included in the files.

20 different kingdom place names files might be a little too many, and many would likely be small or empty. Can folks think of a larger than kingdom grouping that would work? I would organize them by where they group currently is. 

Maybe by the original four or five kingdoms? West Kingdoms, Atenveldt Kingdoms, Middle Kingdoms, East Kingdoms, South US Kingdoms, non-US kingdoms?

I do have some info on how the kingdoms have been named. I guess that should remain in it's own file and articles that have been written.

Comments or suggestions, welcome.

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On Jun 22, 2017, at 9:36 PM, Katherine Kretchmar <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

The Shire of al-Jafar in the Middle is named for one of the first people who lived there. He died before the group went full status, so the naming of the group doesn't have nearly the saga, but Jafar is another SCA person who should not be forgotten.

Congratulations to the shire on getting the name honoring someone worth remembering passed!


On Jun 22, 2017 7:12 PM, "Stefan li Rous" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Thank you!

I know of only one more SCA place that was named for a founder and that is the Barony of Rowany (I think that's it), named for the first Baroness and instrumental in getting the group going.

Lots of SCA names are based on unique local geography. This is the first time I've heard of a group going back and finding more documentation after the Heralds had turned something down, and getting the name they originally wanted, approved..

I hadn't realized it was actually an older group, rather then one in the throes of trying to get their first name through. 

The heralds and the name research *is* getting better through the years. My own barony, Bryn Gwlad, is supposed to be Welsh for "hill country" since we are on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, but it apparently means something like "land of the indeterminate hill". Registered around 1982, I believe.

PS: I'd love any more stories for Calontir group names that aren't in any of the three Florilegium placenames-msg file

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