As the Lilies War Archery Marshal-in-Charge, I owe a huge debt to many
people who made my job much more manageable. First, I want to thank
Their Majesties

 Ashir and Ashland and Her Highness 


 for their frequent presence on the range. Given their busy Lilies
schedules, it was an inspiration to see them so often among their
ranks of archers and throwers of weapons.

I also want to send out my gratitude to my Deputy, the newly minted
Boga Huscarl, Michael the Wanderer

. It’s not a secret to anyone who spends time on a missile weapons
range in Calontir that Michael is a truly indefatigable person when it
comes to hard work. If it needs to be done, Michael will do it without
being asked. I knew this when I asked him to be my Deputy last year,
and he did not disappoint. Michael, you are an inspiration to us all
when it comes to service for our Kingdom. Words cannot express my

Another big thank you goes to the individuals who managed specific
activities. Alan Berylson 

 ran the thrown weapons range. His nicely varied schedule that
included classes, formal throws, and free time, attracted many gentles
including some throwing for the first time. Marie of Cologne managed
children’s archery this year. I can’t remember how many times I
saw Marie joyfully celebrating good shots with our young archers. It
was, once again, fun to see the future of Calontir archery. Lynette
Davejean, for the 22nd time, managed to 100 Arrow Shoot. The addition
of the Period Bow category gave us even more archers to cheer for in
the Finals on Friday. The recognition Lynette received in Court
demonstrates the admiration and esteem that Their Majesties and all of
Calontir have for her for the 100 Arrow Shoot and all the other things
she does for the Kingdom.

I had a great setup crew! Many of the crew had been involved in
previous set ups. Others were new to the gig. The crew was like a bee
hive on the range, buzzing about accomplishing their appointed tasks
with efficiency. This was my list for set up of the ranges who have
not already been mentioned. My sincere apologies if I managed to
forget anyone: Juliana Macnayre, William of Carberry, Thomas
Fleischacker, Catin of Edington, Philip Seeks, Halldór Skaptason,
Galen MacColmain, Leif of Crescent Moon, Rufus Tenstone, Tigernan

Thanks also to everyone who agreed to run a shoot or throw or teach a
class. We had many fun and challenging activities. Special thanks to 

Dammo Utwiler

 for volunteering to add a shoot after the schedule was submitted. A
lot of archers enjoyed the unique “Kill the Wabbit” shoot that
Dammo ran on Wednesday and at an encore performance on Friday
afternoon. We don’t get a chance to shoot at life sized targets at
long ranges very often and this shoot afforded those opportunities.

Finally, thanks to all who were galvanized into action by our request
for help in tearing down the ranges. Loading up the gear for transport
to the storage unit is much easier when it resides road side!

Once I finish my paperwork as Archery Marshal-in-Charge, I will hand
over the reins to Michael for next year’s War. Thanks once again for
helping me make it through this year. I appreciate every contribution
that made this year’s missile weapons activities successful and fun.

HL Eynon Llangenydd

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