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June 10-18, A.S. 52

[image: Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent
manuscript. Public domain in the US]

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent
manuscript. Public domain in the US

*As The War of the Lilies has multiple opportunities for court, this
reporter could not be everywhere and attend all courts.  Therefore, I
apologize in advance for any missing awards and/or misspelled names, and
will gratefully accept corrections to this report.  Please contact me at
DorcasWhitecap (at) gmail (dot) com*

*Saturday evening court, June 10*
Áed Ua Conchobair <> – AoA
Ulfvaldr Folkmarsson <>
– Leather Mallet
Magnús Þorgrimsson <> – Leather
Vincent de Vere <> – Silver
Linda of Forgotten Sea – AoA
Robert Brockman <> – Court Baronage
Jürgen Weiter von Landstuhl
<> – Laurel

*Other court happenings Saturday evening:*
19 newcomers received mugs.

*Sunday field courts, June 11*
John Bowyer <> – Iren Hirth
Yngvarr Oakson <> – Iren Fyrd
Vim of Flinthyll <> –
Iren Fyrd
Jon Chesey <> – Iren Fyrd
Deo MacCillian <> – Iren Fyrd
Verena Näherin <> –
Stile Fyrd

*Wednesday evening court, June 14*
Ivan Porvinnen – AoA
Isibil Edvinsdottir – Leather Mallet
Cecilia de Gatisbury <>
– Calon Lily
Tigernan Flann <> – Torse
Juliana Macnayre <> – Cross
of Calontir
Carson D’AuxErre <>
– Purple Jess (premier)
Sorcha O’Riain <> –

*Other court happenings Wednesday evening:*
Ms. Thora Sigurdsdottir
<> is the new Chancellor
of RUSH.
Robert Dunlop was named the new Royal Brewer.
HL Alessandra de Piro <>
is the new Archer General.

*Friday field courts, June 16*
Duncan Fearmac MacLeod
<> – Pelican
Michael the Wanderer <> – Boga
Eric Thorn <> – Boga Fyrd
Hirsch Ross Eichman <> –
Boga Fyrd
William Douglas <> – Stile
Gawin Kappler <> – Stile Hirth
Wilheard of Coity <> – Iren Fyrd
Aesileif Jotunsdottir
<> – Iren Fyrd

*Friday evening court, June 16*
Robert Dunlop – AoA
Robert Shelton – Queen’s Chalice
Aastasia – Queen’s Chalice
Alto the Agreeable – AoA
Winnifred d’Artois
<> – Laurel
Maegwynn Attewode <> – Golden
Calon Swan
Olaf Thorvaldr <> – Leather Mallet
Faustus Cantilius Lupus
<> – Leather Mallet
Felix Feyrer – AoA
Lynette Davéjean <> – Augmentation
of Arms
Catalina de Arazuri <> –

*Other court happenings Friday evening:*
HL Johan der Hund <> received a
bracelet from HRM Bryce of Meridies.
Vaclav Semjaka <> received a
Chivalry scroll from Calontir, since he never got one from the Midrealm
It was announced that the Fyrd auction raised over $1000.
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