Greetings to my Friends throughout Mag Mor from the Coronation Event Steward! 

Coronation is coming up very quickly (eek!).  I have good news though--we can get into site anytime on Friday to set up.  I plan to be there all afternoon and evening until we're done.  Please come and help so we can host Their Majesties and Their Highnesses with pride.  We are a small group so everybody needs to plan on wearing more than one hat.  I have every confidence in all of you that we will have a rockin' event!

Second piece of good news--We have a Post Revel Site !!!  Fasti was able to arrange a private room for us with a dedicated server until 2 AM  at the Watering Hole at 84th & Holdrege.  We CANNOT bring in any outside food or drink but we CAN be, and I quote, "as loud as we want to be !!!"  So there WILL be singing!!!
Please thank Fasti for rescuing this time honored and much loved tradition.  Also thank Carlos and Isabeau for 'almost' getting the Lighthouse for us and thank Adel for her efforts in trying to find a site.

Good news #3:  We are renting the Easterday Center's front room for the afternoon so the portapotties have been cancelled.  Air conditioned bathrooms for half the price ...aaaahh!

There's something I wondered...does anyone know where the barony's tablecloths are and what shape they are in?  We'll need them.

There  are simple ways to display banners at this site so I need everyone to let me know how many banners they can get to me before Friday.  Light, shorter silk banners can be hung overhead in the  sanctuary for fluttery color.  Longer or heavier banners will be hung around the walls.  We want a real feeling of pageantry for the Royals.

Please email me and let me know what jobs you have committed to and what block of time you have free for other tasks.

And finally, at the end of the day Saturday when our guests have gone... please stay and help clean up the site.  We want the congregation to come in to a clean church the next morning for services.  After all, we have such a good reputation to maintain regarding this and we might want to use Northeast United again!

Thank you for all the work so many have already done.  And thank you for all you will be doing in the next week and that day.  
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