You may need to post the PDF online somewhere and then point a link to it.  I jut sent may Permission form to Taina from an email I received.

If you want to send the images and the PDF to me, and some instruction text, I can post it in a Blog entry on the GNSI site.


Great idea Daisy - using FB, but I tried to post the JPGS of the mural keys on the FB site but they did not post.  No idea why.  Also, I could not attach the pdf of the form. Any help appreciated!

Taina I also didn't receive the email ...

but I was wondering if it would also be a good idea to post this (with the pdf attached ) on the GNSI conference 2016 facebook group and also the member group? I think a lot of ppl are on the facebook groups but not this listserv. ..

I'll bug my classmates again


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