Calling all potential tellers of tales! Are you interested in telling an
interesting field story in ECN's 2nd annual symposium: *Tales from the
Field*? Stories can be expressed through a power point (the more pictures,
the better), song and dance routine, or just via the power of your voice
alone. ECN 2017 happens on Fri., 11/4 and Sat, 11/5 in Denver, CO ( and we're aiming to
entertain the audience with 4-5 speakers. We currently have two presenters,
so if you want to participate, then write back as soon as you can because
it's first come, first serve! Don't worry though - if we receive too many
entries we'll hold onto them for 2018 and let you know ASAP.

Please also keep in mind that ECN's audience is a mixed group from a wide
variety of backgrounds and countries. If you would like to see the stories
from last year, then iDigBio has you covered (use the 2:50 PM link):

If you want to tell your tale, then here are the *7* things that we
need by *Friday,
6/16 *- you are welcome to respond to this message with your responses
below the numbers:

*1)* Full name as you would like it written in the program

*2)* Affiliation

*3)* e-mail address you wish to use

*4)* Title (this can't be changed after July 1st)

*5)* Estimated length - this can really be anything as long as it's under
15 min. If we need to adjust this for the sake of easier rounding, we will
let you know.

*6)* Whether or not you will use a Powerpoint - the more photos the better,
but this format is not necessary. Props are also encouraged.

*7)* Any special notes/requests - e.g., the speaking order


*Derek A. Woller, **Ph.D. Candidate*

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Song Laboratory of Insect Systematics and Evolution, Texas A&M University

*Entomologist, *Rangeland Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket Management Team,
3645 East Wier Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85040
Office: 602-431-3246 <(602)%20431-3246>
Cell: 480-490-6454 <(480)%20490-6454>
Fax: 602-431-3258 <(602)%20431-3258>

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Proud to be an explorer of the final biological frontier: entomology.


*Michael L. Ferro*
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Collection Manager, Clemson University Arthropod Collection (CUAC)
Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences
MAIL: 277 Poole Agricultural Center
OFFICE: 307 Long Hall
Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634-0310
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Subject Editor: The Coleopterists Bulletin; Insecta Mundi