I have been using Zinsser Polyvials V (HDPE) since 1988 (never bought them in the US though). They last at least 3 decades without degradation, seal tightly and are pretty diffusion tight. I still reuse mine from 1988 and the 1990s. Only occasionally they degraded with liquid alcohol in, depending on the specimens and which stuff leaked out of them. They keep moisture in (beetles in alcohol-soaked toilet paper) for three decades easily: http://www.zinsserna.com/polyvials.htm

Made in Germany is still good sometimes.







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I am looking for a source of plastic field vials for 95% EtOH preserved specimens. The 2mL variety are easy enough to find. But I need some larger sizes (5, 10, 25, 30 mL) that seal well for field and traveling. I am aware of falcon tubes. Any other recommendations?


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