Calling all potential tellers of tales! Are you interested in telling an interesting field story in ECN's 2nd annual symposium: Tales from the Field? Stories can be expressed through a power point (the more pictures, the better), song and dance routine, or just via the power of your voice alone. ECN 2017 happens on Fri., 11/4 and Sat, 11/5 in Denver, CO ( and we're aiming to entertain the audience with 4-5 speakers. We currently have two presenters, so if you want to participate, then write back as soon as you can because it's first come, first serve! Don't worry though - if we receive too many entries we'll hold onto them for 2018 and let you know ASAP. 

Please also keep in mind that ECN's audience is a mixed group from a wide variety of backgrounds and countries. If you would like to see the stories from last year, then iDigBio has you covered (use the 2:50 PM link):

If you want to tell your tale, then here are the 7 things that we need by Friday, 6/16 - you are welcome to respond to this message with your responses below the numbers:

1) Full name as you would like it written in the program

2) Affiliation

3) e-mail address you wish to use

4) Title (this can't be changed after July 1st)

5) Estimated length - this can really be anything as long as it's under 15 min. If we need to adjust this for the sake of easier rounding, we will let you know. 

6) Whether or not you will use a Powerpoint - the more photos the better, but this format is not necessary. Props are also encouraged.

7) Any special notes/requests - e.g., the speaking order


Derek A. Woller, Ph.D. Candidate

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Song Laboratory of Insect Systematics and Evolution, Texas A&M University

Entomologist, Rangeland Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket Management Team,
3645 East Wier Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85040
Office: 602-431-3246
Cell: 480-490-6454
Fax: 602-431-3258

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Proud to be an explorer of the final biological frontier: entomology.


Michael L. Ferro
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Collection Manager, Clemson University Arthropod Collection (CUAC)
Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences
MAIL: 277 Poole Agricultural Center
OFFICE: 307 Long Hall
Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634-0310
Subject Editor: The Coleopterists Bulletin; Insecta Mundi