I’d like to request assistance (read: someone else to do it) in developing a symposium (8-10 talks) or mini-symposium (4-5 talks) for this year’s meeting (time is short of course) or next year on the impact and interaction of Collections and Social Media.  Because I am still involved in running the meeting, serving as Program Chair, soliciting sponsors for the meeting, and giving a talk myself (in Derek and Mike’s symposium), all while doing multiple jobs at SI AND co-coordinating this summer’s ECM workshop, I simply don’t think I can afford to take this on myself.  At least not if I want to have any hair left by November…and what I have is already sailing from black to white faster than I’d like.  Any takers to coordinate such a symposium or mini-symposium?  We can decide on which based on the number of interested speakers (as Program Chair, it’ll be my problem to fit this in if it happens).


As it stands, the Tales from the Field symposium may become a mini-symposium unless more people volunteer so this would help flesh out the symposia portion of the program.  If not interested in coordinating it, would anyone be interested in giving a talk in it?  It can be about any way that social media impacts the collections, but especially innovative approaches to improve visibility through outreach, identification network services that have developed in the age of FB and Twitter, etc.  Pretty open-ended, but really looking for ideas that people can take back and implement in their own collections.  Just a thought.  If no one is interested, I’ll table it and bring it up in a future ESA meeting as a section symposium.  We all do a bit of it, but by sharing ideas perhaps we can collectively raise the bar for collections outreach through social networking…


Happy Friday, everyone!!!





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