Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce a new analysis-tool initiative integrated with the Josquin Research Project. Now, from the work page of any piece on the JRP (e.g., you can click on the "Dissonant" or "Imitation" analysis buttons on left of the page to add analytical annotations to dynamically generated scores.

I have been working with Craig Sapp to identify dissonance types in a pairwise fashion based on Renaissance repertoire and discourse. We classify the ~160,000 dissonances on the JRP into numerous types, many of which are specially designed for Renaissance music including a distinction between binary and ternary suspensions, and short- vs long-form nota cambiatas. Detailed documentation explaining the dissonance types with repertoire examples can be found here:

The imitation analysis filter identifies imitation between any two parts in a piece, at any time interval of imitation, and at any pitch interval of imitation. It colors the notes involved red and annotates each point of imitation with a concise label conveying an index number, the number of notes, the time interval of imitation, and the pitch interval of imitation.

Our "filters" can be used independently, or combined together. Combining several filters together allows one to, for example, label the dissonances and points of imitation between just the superius and tenor in measures 88-94 of the Gloria of Josquin's Missa Ave maris stella. The URL of the annotated score can be shared like this:,4%7cmyank%20-m88-94%7cdissonant%7cimitation&file=jrp:Jos0301b

These analysis tools are also available for pieces not on the JRP. Drag-and-drop a kern or MusicXML file onto one of the following pages:
-dissonance analysis:
-imitation analysis:
-both together:

More Renaissance-specific analysis tools are on the way, and we welcome any feedback about these current tools.


Alexander Morgan
Prix Banneux Post-doctoral Fellow
Université libre de Bruxelles
alexanderpmorgan -at-


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