Thank you. A touching/inspiring idea. I'll be adding this to the largess-msg file in the Florilegium.

I'd love to hear more such stories.

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> Re: 12th Night Gifts
> While not a 12th Night Gift, I would like to say that His Majesty (then His Highness) Damien giving entrants at this past Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition slices of his winning sword from Crown, along with an inspirational message, was by far one of the most treasured SCA gifts I have ever received. I cried. As a nervous, first time in nearly three decades entrant,  it meant the world to me.
> The other came from Karl Rorik and H.L. Mael Bridget of Dublin. Several Kris Kinder's ago they gifted me with a stunning cut emerald and (I think) pearl necklace! This came out of nowhere, and I shall never be able to respond adequately or in kind. 
> Ever in Fealty and Loyal Service 
> Aidan Cocrinn,  O. L.

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