Coronation of Damien and Issabell

The Barony of Mag Mor hopes to see you here this Saturday!
Most information is on the flyer linked from the kingdom website 
but here are a few things that didn't make it onto the flyer, or only made it on Wednesday:

Additional parking is available at Lincoln Northeast High School (it's adjacent to site).

We request that checks have phone numbers.  Written-in is fine.

Ask at Gate for directions to the designated smoking area.

Two rooms will be offered as changing rooms in the morning; after morning courts they will become meeting rooms.

	Extra Activities:
Calontir Army class for Armored Combat fighters
Steel Marshals' meeting
Glassworkers' Guild meeting

Feast Menu:

1st Remove (by Mistress Gwyneth & Lady Leofwyna)
Mushroom Tarts
Deviled eggs
Bread and butter

2nd Remove (by Lady Halldora)
A Grave of Small Birds 	(chicken in gravy)
Spinach Tart
Carrots w/cumin

3rd Remove (by Lady Isabeau & Lord Carlos)
Fricassee of Pork w/ Apricots on noodles
Leeks & Cabbage
Pickled Beets
Stuffed Dates

4th Remove (by Lady Leofwyna)
Dipping Applesauce

There will be a post revel!  We have a private room and dedicated server at The Watering Hole Bar, near site.  We are assured we can be as loud as we want (singing or otherwise) and it's open until 2 am.  Please note, any drinks or food need to be bought from them, with the exception of desserts.

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